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Glen Oaks Athena   


Foaled 05/07/2009

Sire: Glen Oaks Thrill Of Temptation

Dam: Lucky Four Tamara

A # 195310

Tiny sorrel pinto filly, with medicine hat and 2 blue eyes, Athena will stay small. Athena is 30 inches, her bloodline goes back to Brewers Orion Classic  an AMHA National Grand Champion.


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Glen Oaks Unos Nirvana 

Foaled 06/06/2009

Sire: Lucky Four Rowdy Snow King

Dam : Rock N BS Numero Uno

A # 195307


Tiny refined black  filly with outstanding bloodlines going back to Rowdy. 




Glen Oaks Isabella  

Foaled 03/17/08

Sire: Lucky Four Rowdy Snow King

Dam: NFCS Foxy Gem


Pretty cremello filly with the bloodline going back to the immortal Rowdy.



Glen Oaks Lexies Emerald Image

Foaled: 04/15/2009

Sire: Glen Oaks Fantasy Image

Dam: Kristys Emerald Isle

A # 195312

Tiny silver filly, a show filly with a beautiful head and huge brown eyes, Lexie has stayed very small, she measured 27 inches as of  2-2011, she is going to do great in the show ring next year,  as a Senior mare 28" and under Her bloodline goes back to the famous Sids Rebel.


Glen Oaks Fine N Fancy

Foaled 04/08/06

Sire: Germels Timothy

Dam: Lucky Four Light N Breezy

Fancy is a palomino filly with huge brown eyes, level top line and an even bite. Fancy is a daughter of Germels Timothy, a two time AMHA World Top Ten driving horse (open and amateur). Fancy's bloodlines go back to Sids Red Cloud, a brother of Sids Rebel.



Glen Oaks Echos Bey Mirage

Foaled 05/26/06

Sire: Lucky Four Rebels Eternal Echo

Dam: Rock N Bs Numero Uno


Mirage is a daughter of the AMHA National Top Ten stallion, Lucky Four Rebels Eternal Echo, who is a son of the famous Sids Rebel. Mirage is a beautiful bay filly who will later out produce herself. Huge eyes, tiny ears, beautiful head with a nice tapered nose and strong jaw line.



Glen Oaks Skippa Star Simplicity

Foaled 04/26/06

Sire: Shadow Boxs Wee Bouncer

Dam: Circle G Show Stopped


Simplicity is sired by Shadow Boxs Wee Bouncer who is out of AMHA National GRAND Champion, Skip A Star.  Simplicity is a refined, long necked pretty headed young filly.


Glen Oaks Silver Sinsation

Foaled 4-9-2005

Sire: Lucky Four Rebels Eternal Echo

Dam: Rock N BS Numero Uno


Silver is a gorgeous silver dapple filly with a beautiful head and wonderful conformation.  Look for her in the show ring 2006.  AMHA registry No.161107


SOLD! at the 2006 AMHA World Sale

Glen Oaks Daisy Delight

Foaled: 3/16/2003

Sire: Lucky Four Rebels Eternal Echo

Dam: 3 D's Splash of Daisys


This filly is the daughter of our National Top Ten stallion, Lucky Four Rebels Eternal Echo and the granddaughter of the famous SIDS REBEL.  She is a beautiful sorrel and white pinto with a beautiful dish head with peacock spots on her nose that looks like freckles!!! She has one blue eye. This filly has great potential as a driving horse, she has beautiful extension and uses her legs with driving power.


Sold at the 2005 World Champion Sale

Glen Oaks Eternal Reveille

Foaled: 6-22-2003

Sire: Lucky Four Rebels Eternal Echo

Dam: Oak Forest Spotted Angel


Flashy, high-headed with two blue eyes. Great color and markings.  Reveille is most likely homozygous, but has not yet been tested.   Grandsire is the famous SIDS REBEL.

*Note photos - one is weanling and the other is 2 yr old photo.

Sold at the 2007 AMHA CHAMPION SALE and is going to NEW ZEALAND !!!