Rock N BS Numero Uno
Foaled: 02/27/1996
Sire: Mapel Leaf Farms Stormy
Dam: NFCS Foxy Gem
Uno is a chestnut colored mare with mixed colored mane and tail, Uno measures 32.50 inches. Uno has been a wonderful broodmare with no problems, getting into foal and foaling out.   Her grandsire is Yoga Light Vant Huttenest. Uno is a very gentle and an easy keeper.
Glen Oaks Painted Masquerade
Foaled: 03/22/2004
Sire: Circle G Painted Bunny
Dam: Lucky Four Tamara
Masquerade is a Black/White Tovero,  she is 34 inches tall, Her body is mostly white with a black head and partical neck,  she has one black spot under her belly.  She has been a wonderful broodmare Masquerade has had no problems getting into foal and foaling out. AMHA #  150255


Glen Oaks Cameo Lily
Foaled: 04/12/2009
Sire: Shadow Boxs Wee Bouncer
Dam: Glen Oaks Cameo Uno
Lily is a sorrel mare with a white blaze down her face,  she has a beautiful head and huge eyes,
her bloodlines go back to Rowdy and Skip A Star
 AMHA # 195316
Oak Forest Spotted Angel
Foaled: 05/03/1989
Sire: Mitasunke Huka
Dam: Codys Stormy Day
Sorrel pinto with bald face,Angel is 32 inches tall, she is a very gentle and wonderful broodmare.
AMHA #28964
Glen Oaks Athena
Foaled: 05/07/2009
Sire: Glen Oaks Thrill Of Temptation
Dam: Lucky Four Tamara
Tiny Sorrel pinto filly, with medicine hat and two sky blue eyes. Athena is totally correct and ready to be shown.  Her great-grandsire is a AMHA National Grand Champion Junior Stallion, Brewers Orion Classic.
Diamond CS Midnight Breeze
Foaled: 05/16/1993
Sire: Maple Leaf Farms Stormy
Grandsire: Yoga Light Vant Huttenest
Midnight is a wonderful broodmare, she has a great disposition and would be good around small children just to be a pet.  She measures 33 inches. AMHA # 51604


Windy Hill Thrill and Frills

Foaled :03/31/1997

Sire:NFC Rowdy Thriller

Dam: Fairy Tails Carousel

Windy is AMHA registered, # 83931, she was registered as a Blue Roan, but I really think she is more a gray. She was shown when she was younger, she measures 32.250 inches, she is a wonderful broodmare and has given us outstanding foals.




Circle G Grand Prix

Foaled: 04/14/1999

Sire: Green Acres Surfire

Dam: RLBS Copper Penny

AMHA # 102409


Grand Prix , sorrel/white pinto mare, she is 33 inches tall, she is a wonderful broodmare,gets into foal easy and foals out easy. 


3Ds Splash of Daisys

Foaled: 04/10/95

Sire: Steihls Apache Splash

Dam: Showdown Daisy

AMHA #A71074


Daisy is registered AMHA and AMHR and is about 33.25 inches. Her grandsire is Brewers Orion Pride.



Glen Loves Fantasy

Foaled: 03/06/1997

Sire: Brewers Major Dealer

Dam: Lucky Four Endless Love

Grandsire: Brewers Orion Major

A # 84681

Fantasy is a small,30.250 in. sorrel pinto. She has produced many fine foals for us. She has always thrown color, we have never gotten a solid out of her.